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Advertising and Consignment Fee Schedule:


$1 - $30,000
$30,001 - $59,999
$60,000 - $99,999

1. Advertising and consignment includes posting a FOR SALE listing on with pictures and detailed description. If print advertising space is available, item may print in TractorHouse magazine. There is no guarantee of print advertisement, as space is limited.

2. Pictures must be recent, of good digital quality, untouched/ unaltered, and provide honest representation of the item.

3. Pictures may be taken by owner and sent to JW Equipment via text or email, or arrangement made for a JWE employee to take photos, if item will not physically sit on JWE sales lot.

4. Sales inquiries may be forwarded to item owner at JW Equipment’s discretion.

5. If item does not sale within prearranged time frame, item must be removed from JWE sales lot by owner. JWE is not responsible for freight of item to and from owner’s farm.

6. No sale fee will be predetermined between item owner and JWE LLC Sales associate.

7. If Item is listed with AuctionTime additional listing Fee will apply regardless of prior advertisement sale. See AuctionTime Fee Schedule.

AuctionTime Fee Schedule:

How it Works

Auction Fee Schedule

Client agrees to pay to JWE LLC according to the Advertising and Consignment Fee Schedule for each of client’s items plus a separate listing fee for each item, based on the final sale price.

Sale Price
Less than $5,000

Listing Fee

Items listed on AuctionTime, but withheld from print advertisement, will be charged based on the Advertising and Consignment Fee Schedule. In the event that client’s item(s) do not sell due to client’s minimum bid or reserve price not being met, client agrees to pay to JWE LLC a listing fee of $350 plus 1% of minimum bid or reserve price, or $100, whichever is greater.

Auction Withdrawal/Cancellation Police/Default

Once client’s items have been listed with, the item may not be removed from the sale and the auction will proceed. If client refuses or fails to execute the transaction with buyer for sale of item(s) specified under this agreement, after auction has closed, client agrees to pay to seller according to the fee schedule herein, and to indemnify, hold harmless and defend JWE LLC against all claims resultant from default.

Payout of Proceeds

JWE LLC will issue payment within ten business days of receiving cleared payment from buyer, to client in the full amount less any and all fees described herein, unless other written arrangements are made.

Forbidden Practices

It is expressly forbidden for client or any person or entity acting as client’s agent or representative in any capacity, to bid on the items listed in this agreement. Violation of this provision will subject client to all fees under this agreement, due immediately upon auction close.

AuctionTime Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale:

  • Winning bidder must contact JW Equipment, LLC within 24 hours of sale closing.
  • Payment must be made within 48 hours of sale ending. Payments must be made by WIRE TRANSFER or CASHIERS CHECK, unless otherwise arranged with JW Equipment, LLC.
  • Upon closing of sale, all items must be removed from the lot within 30 days, unless prior arrangements have been made. See storage fees below.
  • Payment must be received and a signed copy of the sales agreement must be provided, along with proof of tax exemption documents, to JW Equipment, LLC before item will be released.
  • BIDDERS WILL BE HELD ACCOUTABLE FOR THEIR BIDS. (do not bid if you are unable to meet the terms of the auction)

Following the sale, and email will be sent to the address registered with AuctionTime with an invoice and wire instructions. This invoice must be signed and returned.

Tax Information and Other Fees

  • Wire transfers will be charged an additional $25 to cover the wire fee.
  • If you do not have a Farm Exemption ID, or a Resale Number, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY SALES TAX ON YOUR ITEM. Ag users will be able to fill out an Illinois Sales Tax Exemption form. JW Equipment LLC must have the exemption document before the item is released.
  • Items being exported from the country will require tax documents before the item is released or tax will be charged. ALL SALES ARE IN U.S. DOLLARS. You are responsible for the exchange rate, including any incoming and outgoing wire fees.

Equipment Loading and Freight:

  • Winning Bidder is responsible for their own freight. We have contacts to assist with shipping, and will be available upon request.
  • Items will only be loaded Monday through Friday during normal business hours, unless other arrangements have been made. We will try to accommodate your needs.
  • Loading is free of charge. If the item requires tear down, regular shop rates will apply.
  • If unit remains on our lot past 30 days, a charge of $25 per day will be applied. If a unit remains past 60 days without storage fees being paid, it will be resold to cover storage fees.

Terms of Auction:

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL AT CLOSE OF AUCTION. You are responsible for your bid.
  • We do not guarantee any year, model or hour reading on any item being sold. We do our best to describe each item as accurately as possible, but recommend SELF INSPECTION prior to the end of sale.

If you have any questions regarding an item, please call before the auction end date. We do our best to take all calls and questions, but auction days are busy and we cannot guarantee a call back on that day.

Once again, we welcome you to come and self inspect each item before bidding starts.

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